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June 2019

What Big Tech has to learn from the Green New Deal

Fast Company  |  June 2019

Cleantech Forum Europe

May 2019

Come On! Report

April 2019

Natural Intelligence Worldwide

Featured Interview: Johan Rockström

re:publica 2019

Johan Rockström: Safe Future for Humanity on Earth


May 2019

Johan Falk   |  Exponential Roadmap

Stefan Henningsson   |  WWF

We Don’t Have Time Conference

22 April 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Johan Falk   |  Exponential Roadmap

My Trump-Era Davos Takeaways: Optimism on UN & Climate

  |  January 30, 2019
Techonomy Exclusive

Christiana Figueres wants to thank Donald Trump. She’s the one who, more than any other person, drove the process that led to the Paris Climate Agreement, as executive secretary for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Trump’s Energy Policies Have Inspired a Global Climate Movement

  |  January 24, 2019

An architect of the Paris Agreement on climate change thanked President Donald Trump yesterday for his policies supportive of fossil-fuel industries, because they effectively provoked companies, investors and cities into cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s down to cities to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030

12 Feb 2019, World Economic Forum

Jennifer Lenhart   |  Global lead, WWF Cities

The science on climate change, and the scale of action needed to address it, are crystal-clear. People are rising in cities around the globe in direct consequence. We urge local leaders to respond to their concerned citizens, especially since newly released tools are available to support local decision-makers – tools to help cities align with 1.5°C maximum global warming.

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