Exponential Roadmap Initiative welcomes Netflix
Mar 30, 2022

Exponential Roadmap Initiative welcomes Netflix, joining forces with innovative, transformative and disruptive companies taking exponential climate action aligned with the 1.5°C ambition, in line with latest science.

“Our Netflix Sustainability program endeavors to move fast but ground everything in science. We work to embed sustainability into our operations, our value chain, our products and our policy work. Those also happen to be the 4 pillars laid out so beautifully by the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, making us natural partners. Exponential members exemplify some of the most leading edge practices in corporate sustainability so we were delighted to be invited to join their esteemed ranks”, says Emma Stewart, Ph.D., Netflix Sustainability Officer.

All companies in the Exponential Roadmap Initiative are working to contribute to the global halving of emissions before 2030 towards net zero, and integrating climate deeply in business strategy and influencing climate action in society, as outlined in the 1.5°C Business Playbook.

“We are delighted to welcome Netflix to the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. Netflix joins the most innovative, transformative, and disruptive businesses in the world. We are on a mission to align value chains to the 1.5°C climate ambition. Netflix is uniquely positioned to inspire people to take climate action through content such as ‘Breaking Boundaries’ and ‘Don’t Look Up’. Netflix is also taking a leading position in investments to protect and restore nature beyond their value chain”, says Johan Falk, CEO & Co-founder, Exponential Roadmap Initiative.

Netflix commits to work with the 4 pillars of the 1.5°C Business Playbook​, a guide to exponential climate action for companies and organisations of all sizes, helping them to align with the 1.5°C ambition. Anchored in the latest science, it focuses on simplicity and speed. The Playbook is based on 4 pillars: reducing the company’s own emissions, value chain emissions, integrating climate in business strategy, and influencing climate action in society.

“Delivering the promise of the Paris Agreement requires a radical transformation of our current systems, and innovation will play a critical role. I am delighted to see Netflix, already a part of Race to Zero, also joining our partner Exponential Roadmap Initiative. I invite everyone to commit their ingenuity, their resources, and their skills to help us win the Race to Zero emissions together,” says Nigel Topping, UN’s High-Level Climate Action Champion for COP26.

“As an associate producer of Netflix’s Breaking Boundaries documentary, I have seen first-hand how Netflix is positioning itself as an innovative, disruptive force in the industry. Netflix is serious about driving climate and nature action and using its platform as a force for good. I am delighted Netflix is now joining the Exponential Roadmap Initiative”, says Owen Gaffney, Co-founder, Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and author of Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet.

About the Exponential Roadmap Initiative: The Exponential Roadmap Initiative is for innovators, transformers and disruptors taking action in line with 1.5°C, with the mission to halve global emissions before 2030 through exponential climate action and solutions. The Exponential Roadmap Initiative is an accredited partner of the United Nations’ Race To Zero, and a founding partner of the 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders and the SME Climate Hub.

About the Race to Zero Campaign: Race to Zero is the UN-backed global campaign rallying non-state actors – including companies, cities, regions, financial and educational institutions – to take rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer zero-carbon world in time. All members are committed to the same overarching goal: reducing emissions across all scopes swiftly and fairly in line with the Paris Agreement, with transparent action plans and robust near-term targets. Find out more at: https://racetozero.unfccc.int.

For more information, please contact: 

Anna Almberg, Press contact, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Email: anna.almberg@exponentialroadmap.org, tel: +46 (0)709816782

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