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PRESS RELEASE: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030: Roadmap shows what’s needed in each sector

Digital revolution and market forces poised to drive economic transformation away from fossil fuels, but not without the right policy mix and bold climate leadership.

  • Report shows all sectors of the global economy have potential to rapidly halve emissions of greenhouse gases with existing technologies and changing behaviour, but beyond electricity generation, pace too slow.  Read more…

Q & A with RoadMap co-author Owen Gaffney

  1. You’re launching an Exponential Road Map for Climate Action at GCAS in San Francisco this September. What is it and who should be using it?

Yes, it is actually a deep dive into what needs to be done by 2030. Greenhouse gas emissions need to peak by 2020 and fall very rapidly – as a rule of thumb emissions should halve every decade, that is the kind of ballpark figure we are now contending with. The roadmap will outline the 30 scalable solutions that have the potential to put the world in that ballpark.  Read more…