Apple joins the Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Apr 18, 2024

Exponential Roadmap Initiative is proud to announce that Apple joins the initiative. The collaboration will support Apple on its journey to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 and 90%by 2050, compared to the 2015 fiscal year and scaling climate solutions exponentially. 

Bessma Aljarbou, Director of Apple’s Supplier Carbon Solutions:

“We are excited to join Exponential Roadmap Initiative (ERI), which brings together leading companies driving concrete climate action and solutions. ERI is aligned in our efforts to decarbonizing manufacturing, including transitioning suppliers to 100% renewable energy, advancing circularity and developing climate solutions. We look forward to working with them in creating new pathways for high integrity corporate climate action.

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative works to radically shift out the fossil economy and scale up climate solutions to halve emissions before 2030. It supports member companies in their efforts to reduce own and value chain emissions, to shift portfolios to climate solutions and to accelerate climate action in society and convenes groups to develop and share best practice. Apple’s joining the initiative follows a thorough review of the company’s climate performance that Exponential Roadmap Initiative provides annually for its members, including feedback to spur accelerated action. 

Johan Falk, CEO and Co-founder, Exponential Roadmap Initiative:

Apple is leading its industry in developing renewable electricity capacity and transitioning its supply chain to 100% renewables and we’re very happy to support Apple in that important work. We’re equally looking forward to working with Apple to share best practices with other corporates on moving to recycled materials and low-carbon design. Circularity is an area of work that can transform and propel industries around the world toward more climate solutions.

The work of Exponential Roadmap Initiative is led by exponential thinking, grounded in science and committed to leading actionable, practical work with and open-source outputs for companies that help accelerate corporate climate action, scaling of climate solutions and driving climate action in wider society. 

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