Swedish Space Corporation joins the Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Apr 19, 2023

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) joins the Exponential Roadmap Initiative with the aim of making SSC sustainable throughout the company’s entire value chain, integrate climate and nature into the core strategy and contribute to a positive global transition for the benefit of climate and nature.

“We have a proud heritage as one of the industry’s leading suppliers of advanced space services. Now we are taking further steps towards establishing ourselves as a key societal actor through our unique capabilities. You can see this in all parts of our business, from the operation of our facilities to our daily work and the services we offer,” says Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability at SSC.

Several investments have already been made, such as introducing green energy supplies at the company’s facilities. At Santiago Satellite Station, 624 new solar panels have been installed and a similar installation is projected at WASC in Australia. At Esrange Space Center in Sweden parts of the infrastructure are now powered by geothermal heating and hydropower.

“The tools to halve the emissions by 2030 are already available – in energy, industry, transport, agriculture and forestry. But they need to be scaled up exponentially. In addition to reducing its own emissions, the space sector can contribute with earth observations and satellite data which are crucial for scaling up green solutions and scaling down the fossil fuel economy. We are very glad that SSC, as the first space company, has chosen to join our global initiative,” says Johan Falk, CEO and founder of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative.

Read the press release on the Swedish Space Corporation’s site here.

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