Tele2 joins Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Sep 11, 2023

The telecommunications company Tele2 has joined the Exponential Roadmap Initiative.

Head of Sustainability at Tele 2 Erik Wottrich said:

Never has it been more important for companies to collaborate towards the common global goal reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By joining the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, we will strengthen our ambitious approach as well as support others to take the step towards a net-zero world. Becoming a member and collaborating through the Exponential Roadmap Initiative is a commitment to achieve Tele2s ambitious goals.

Exponential Roadmap Initiative CEO and Co-founder Johan Falk said:

We are proud to welcome Tele2 to the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. Tele2 is named #1 climate leader in Europe by The Financial Times, but ambitions do not end there. We look forward to collaborating on taking supplier engagement, renewable energy and circularity and the telecom sector to a higher level together. Upon joining Exponential Roadmap Initiative Tele2 is not only establishing a platform for collaboration, but also ensuring quality and strength of our approach, ambitions and strategy by confirming our alignment with the criteria of the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign.

Read the full Tele2 press release.

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