Doconomy joins the Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Oct 12, 2023

Doconomy, the market leader in providing individuals with efficient tools for measuring environmental impact through their banks, joins the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. Doconomy aims to show the way, walk the talk and drive the transformation to halve global emissions by 2030 through exponential climate action and solutions.

Founded in 2018, Doconomy’s mission is to create tools that engage and empower the many to make a positive impact on people and planet. Doconomy creates IT-based tools for banks, companies and consumers to enable more sustainable and low emission choices.

“The four-pillar climate strategy offered by Exponential Roadmap Initiative’s 1.5°C Business Playbook entails a focus on how companies not only reduce their own carbon footprint, but also provide solutions. This focus is very well-aligned with Doconomy’s vision and strategy, and we’re excited to support and collaborate with other companies through this initiative,” said Mathias Wikström, CEO of Doconomy.

Doconomy is meeting key asks from climate assessment

To join the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, Doconomy underwent a rigorous assessment and is meeting key asks, including public disclosure of near-term and long-term emissions targets, information about action started on addressing the two largest categories of emissions in scope 3, and a credible plan advancing this action going forward, as well as putting in place a climate transition plan by May 2024. Through Exponential Roadmap Initiative, Doconomy also joins the global UN-backed Race to Zero campaign that rallies non-state actors in taking rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030.

“Doconomy is a great example of a solutions company, providing innovative tools for individuals to shift towards sustainable consumption and for companies and financial institutions to reduce impact on climate and nature. We look forward to collaborating with Doconomy, specifically on accelerating the transformation of the financial industry,” said Johan Falk, CEO and Co-founder of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative.

Collaboration at Climate Week NYC

Already during Climate Week in NYC, Doconomy, together with partners, is hosting opportunities to contribute and collaborate together. With climate literacy in focus and an opportunity for banks to make every transaction count and further reduce negative environmental impact and financial stress.

Doconomy also looks forward to joining Exponential Roadmap Initiative’s event on how 1.5°C aligned transition plans can be leveraged for transforming business on Tuesday, 19 September at Solutions House, hosted by Futerra, Google, and Exponential Roadmap Initiative.

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