SME Climate Hub launches Nordics campaign to mobilise SMEs in the region
Jun 27, 2024

The SME Climate Hub launches its Nordics campaign, an initiative designed to mobilize small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the Nordic countries to take decisive climate action. With approximately 2 million SMEs in the region at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, this campaign aims to empower businesses to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and build resilient business models for the future.

The SME Climate Hub is an initiative founded by the We Mean Business Coalition, Exponential Roadmap Initiative and the Race to Zero campaign led by the UN Climate Change High-Level Climate Champions in collaboration with Oxford University and Normative.

Exponential Roadmap Initiative CEO and Co-founder Johan Falk said:

There are some two million small and medium-sized enterprises in the Nordic region, constituting well over 90% of all businesses. SMEs are not only imperative to reach global climate goals, they are key pillars of their local communities and often on the frontline of the impacts of climate change.

The campaign will engage a broad range of companies, banks, and organizations in the Nordics, aiming to accelerate climate action and position the region as a leader for SME climate action. By joining the campaign and making the SME Climate Commitment, SMEs will gain access to valuable tools and resources to support their climate goals.

Key partners for this campaign include major banks and companies such as Nordea, Ericsson, and Telia, as well as leading SMEs like Icebug, GoClimate, and We Don’t Have Time. These organizations will play a crucial role in promoting and incentivizing the SME Climate Hub within their networks, driving meaningful climate action across the Nordic region.

Louise Rehbinder, Director, Exponential Roadmap Initiative:

We are happy to kick off our Nordic initiative together with leading companies, banks, business associations, regions and NGOs to support and incentivize SME Climate action, leveraging the Nordic position in innovation and entrepreneurship.

As part of the launch, the SME Climate Hub has created a Nordics webpage, which is available in English and Swedish and will soon be complemented with other Nordic languages, in order for SMEs to access information and resources in their local language. This localized support will provide guidance for achieving climate targets and help SMEs integrate sustainability into their business models.

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