Energy Edge accelerator program launched by Accenture Sweden, Microsoft Sweden and Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Sep 14, 2023

Accenture Sweden, Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Microsoft Sweden are joining forces to accelerate and scale digital and disruptive energy innovations in the Nordics with the launch of Energy Edge, an accelerator program. 

The program aims to accelerate the green energy transition by supporting five sustainability start-ups and scale-ups in a bid to advance digital and disruptive energy innovations startups’ business and AI technology development.

Microsoft Sweden CEO Tomas Frimmel, Exponential Roadmap Initiative CEO Johan Falk, and Patrik Nylander, CEO, Accenture Sweden

Microsoft Sweden CEO Tomas Frimmel, Exponential Roadmap Initiative CEO Johan Falk, and Patrik Nylander, CEO, Accenture Sweden launch the Energy Edge accelerator program

Start-ups selected based on innovation solution and potential to scale

With the goal of advancing digital and disruptive energy innovations, each sustainability start-up and scale-up participating in the Energy Edge program has been selected based on its innovation solution and the potential to scale its business globally.

The selected startups in the first cohort include 

  • Enjay Systems, a developer of heat-exchange equipment that recovers energy from excess heat in polluted exhaust air
  • Midsummer, a producer of discrete solar cell roofs manufactured in Sweden
  • Ngenic, an energy technology company that digitizes and streamlines energy systems through various products, 
  • Sally R, a cloud-based service for commercial real estate to achieve energy savings and improved air quality, 
  • Spotscale, a software that detects energy leaks and construction deficiencies in roofs and facades.

Start-ups benefit from expertise at Energy Edge partners

Through accelerator sprints, the five startups will have access to business, energy and technology experts with a particular focus on AI development from Accenture Sweden, Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Microsoft Sweden. Participants will benefit from skill-building sessions, networking events, marketing activities and solution-progressing workshops.

“We are happy to join forces with Accenture and Microsoft Sweden, alongside our handpicked startups and scale-ups, to accelerate disruptive green energy solutions at the edge of the energy network. To limit global heating to as close as 1.5 degrees as possible requires us to halve emissions every decade from 2020. That means we have to exponentially scale disruptive climate solutions to shift out old fossil solutions,” said Johan Falk, CEO and co-founder of Exponential Roadmap Initiative.

“Renewable energy is scaling exponentially through innovation and investments in areas like solar and wind, and the Nordic energy market is a frontrunner in many ways. However, we need to take additional steps to fully utilize the Nordic potential to play a larger global role and achieve significant reductions from energy emissions. The Energy Edge program contributes to an exponential transition by catalyzing disruptive innovative energy solutions cross industry ecosystems,” Patrik Nylander, country managing director, Accenture Sweden, said.

“Innovation has served as the bedrock of Swedish growth over the past century. However, in contrast to a hundred years ago, today’s innovation must redirect its focus towards addressing pressing environmental challenges, particularly the slow pace of energy transition. This necessary shift demands groundbreaking innovation that may not be available yet but is currently under development. Therefore, we are forging this collaboration to provide support for such endeavours,” Tomas Frimmel, CEO of Microsoft Sweden, said.

During an event at Solutions House during Climate Week in New York on Thursday, 21 September, 08.00–09.15 ET, the companies will present their innovations and network with relevant stakeholders. Register to join the event on-site or online.


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