Exponential Roadmap Initiative at COP28
Nov 23, 2023

The hottest recorded month ever was this September, 2023, with temperatures 1.8°C above pre-industrial levels. Global greenhouse gas emissions broke a new record in 2022, increasing by 1.2% to 57.4 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. That’s the alarming results from UN Environment Programme’s Emissions Gap Report.

The UN climate conference COP28 offers an opportunity to course-correct, also in response the Global Stocktake (GST): to demonstrate that countries are serious about closing the gaps in emissions, in fossil-fuel production and in adaptation and finance.

Companies play a critical part by showcasing credible transition plans and highlighting how they are transforming their business towards delivering climate solutions.

Exponential Roadmap Initiative’s events focus on bringing together experts in science and business to advance companies’ transition towards delivering climate solutions.

In the second week of COP, we host an event in the Sweden pavilion (Blue Zone B6, building 75), together with Inter IKEA Group:

9 December, 08.00–08.40 CET / 11.00–11.40 GST: Business transition plans centred around mapping and eliminating fossil fuels.


  • Axelle Bodwell, Youth Climate Change Delegate, Seychelles
  • Johan Falk, CEO Exponential Roadmap Initiative
  • Christina Niemelä Ström, Global Head of Sustainability Supply and Strategic Sustainability Assignments, Inter IKEA Group
  • David Ekelund, CEO, Icebug
  • Andrew Prag, Managing Director Policy, We Mean Business Coalition
  • Ali Sheridan, Director of Major Partnerships , Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative

Our events on the We Don’t Have Time COP28 Climate Hub were live broadcast globally, at no cost and remain available online.

  • 2 December, 09.30–10.00 CET / 12.30–13.00 GST: Accelerating corporate climate action through recognition and accountability
  • 3 December, 09.30–10.00 CET / 12.30–13.00 GST: Defining, qualifying and scaling climate solutions
  • 4 December, 09.30–10.00 CET / 12.30–13.00 GST: Transforming company product portfolios towards a greener future
  • 4 December, 11.00–11.30 CET / 14.00–14.30 GST: Transforming the telco sector to net zero
  • 5 December, 09.30–10.00 CET / 12.30–13.00 GST: Transition plans as a tool for companies to reach net zero
  • 6 December, 09.30–10.00 CET / 12.30–13.00 GST: Triggering financial system transformation – the role of companies


On 5 December, 10.30–11.15 GST, we hosted the event Climate Solutions and the Race to Zero together with our partners, Race to Zero and Oxford Net Zero.

panel card 5 december event climate solutions

Exponential Roadmap Initiative is represented at COP28 by

  • Johan Falk, CEO (29 November–12 December)
  • Louise Rehbinder, Director (30 November–10 December)
  • Claire Wigg, Head of Climate Performance Practice (01 December–10 December)
  • Andrea Lindblom, Head of Communications (30 November–10 December)

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