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21 September, 2022


4:00 – 5:00 EST



Scaling Exponential Climate Policy: from Laggards to Disruptors for System Change

Conventional wisdom in the climate action and advocacy space too often sees innovation and the deployment of green technology as a given, taken care of by the private sector, whereas the catalyzation and protection of such solutions to the climate crisis need a much sharper, systematic and visionary policy approach. This session will draw on initial pioneering work done in collaboration between the Climate Governance Commission and the Exponential Roadmap Initiative on the concept of “Exponential Policy” — that is, policies tailored across the climate solution life-cycle to trigger cascading system changes, addressing key areas of economic and social transformation.



Maja Groff
Climate Governance Commission, NOW Partners, and Future Economy Forum
Arunabha Ghosh
Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
Magnus Jiborn
Head of Research
Global Challenges Foundation
Johan Falk
Co-Founder & CEO
Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Dhairya Pujara
Founder, CEO
Lars Lundström
Chief Environmental Officer
H2 Green Steel
Dr. Rebekah Shirely
Director of Research, Data & Innovation, World Resources Institute Africa

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