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19 September, 2023


02:00 – 03:30 PM ET


Working Together to Address Lifestyle Emissions

In this two-part session, we will delve into the secret power of lifestyle emissions. The IPCC report offers a detailed and practical plan for societal emissions reduction, complementing the critical action required by governments, policymakers, and organizations to decarbonize energy, transport, and material systems. The report also calculates the significant well-being and economic benefits that will result from these actions, including for individuals.

Part 1 of this session will explore how consumers are increasingly seeking out more sustainable options and seeking assistance from businesses, governments, and nonprofits to do so. Part 2 will showcase some of the products and services that can help consumers live more sustainable lives and reconnect to nature.



Kate Brandt
Chief Sustainability Officer
Johan Falk
Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Solitaire Townsend
Co-founder and Chief Solutionist
Douglas Sabo
Chief Sustainability Officer
Visa Inc.
Glyn Richards
Group Sustainability Director
Ashley Allen
Eva Karlsson
Anthony Leiserowitz
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

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