Could your company be a climate solutions company?


27 March, 2024


16:00 – 17:00 CET



Could your company be a climate solutions company?

​In order to fully decarbonize, companies will need to be transforming their portfolios towards climate solutions and replace high-emission products and services with low- or zero-emission alternatives. This is essential for radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting global warming to 1.5°C. ​

​​In order for companies to get a better idea of what kind of products and services they could develop that would be in line with climate science, Oxford Net Zero and Exponential Roadmap Initiative have proposed criteria for what makes a product or service a climate solution, and what makes a company a climate solutions company.

​We suggest these criteria be used in  companies’ sustainability work, transition plans and business development. Setting a benchmark for climate solutions also increases clarity for financial institutions regarding the sustainability of the products and companies they are investing in.

​​This event

  • ​​presents proposed criteria for defining climate solutions and climate solutions companies
  • ​​showcases a company example
  • ​​discusses the relevance of climate solutions from a financing perspective
  • ​empowers companies to integrate the concept of climate solutions into their sustainability work, transition planning and product development


Johan Falk, CEO, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

​Kaya Axelsson, Head of Policy and Partnerships, Oxford Net Zero

Caroline Reid, Sustainability Director EMEA, Oatly

Vasiliki Takou, LCA Manager, Oatly

Johan Mandaric Reunanen, Director Sustainability, Strategy & Climate, H2 Green Steel

Kaj Török, Chief Sustainability Officer, MAX Burgers

moderated by Andrea Lindblom, Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Matilda Becker, Oxford Net Zero

​Read up on the proposed criteria for climate solutions.

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