Women recording at UNFCCC SB60 11 June 24. By Amira Grotendiek


10 June, 2024


14:45 CEST


online and on-site UN Bonn Climate Conference Climate Hub

Exponential Race to the Top: Landing the exponential narrative

The Exponential Race to the Top is on: the race to win the net zero economy that is fully circular and powered by renewables to serve the needs of all of us sharing this planet.

Climate impacts hit ever harder, at the same time as renewable energies, electrification and other solutions that help curb greenhouse gas emissions and global heating are growing exponentially.

This session discusses how the climate community grapples with these two realities and sheds light on how young audiences react to exponential trends.


  • Jacob Beautemps, Science Youtuber and Researcher
  • Matthew Phillips, Project Lead, Groundswell
  • Moderator: Andrea Lindblom, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Photo by Amira Grotendiek (UNFCCC)

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